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Matrix-Q Conscious Sexuality

e-Collective Learning 101

  • I introduce you to an innovative holistic conscious sexuality system, based on ternary (3) and nonary (9) principles: Non-Binary (2)
  • You can use this system to enhance conscious bonding, and spark love relationships with joy, happiness, and playfulness.
  • I am inspired by the code of nature.
  • I did study nature-inspired and holistic knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations.


  • In the 1920s, 1960s, 1990s, and 2000s eastern monastic practices of meditative sexuality were introduced to the western world (based on detachment, with a focus on individualist personal growth and spirituality). The outcome we know today.
  • Our modern global civilization is still holding a blind spot in education. Considering that satisfactory, joyful, inspiring, and nurturing love relationships, enable balance, regeneration, and mental health for love partners.
  • Since 1997 I have been researching and exploring sexuality practices based on conscious bonding (conscious attachment) ideal for householders, families, parenting, and the community.
  • This type of knowledge, techniques, methods, and skills is new to the western world, and forgotten by the east, and southern hemispheres.
  • In a time when gender diversity, fluidity, and inclusion, challenge the binary and traditional binomial mindset.
  • The Matrix-Q Knowledge brings a new point of view, in which a safe setting is provided for personal growth, self-knowledge, and development of the skills necessary for a healthy, joyful, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships


  • The e-collective learning is interactive, gamified, informative, and experiential
  • You will be introduced to the Matrix-Q Knowledge and motivated to attend a study circle online
  • Collective e-learning live sessions are combined with e-workbooks and collective challenges 
  • When the collective of attendees complete the challenges, also receive collective rewards and access to new content
  • The collective learning sessions focus on a collective process


  • You will learn essential practices, skills, games, and topics to explore at home privately with your love partner or on your own

Collective Learning Program

You attend to the available scheduled dates


December 2022

  • A self-love relationship with own body: listening, accepting, nurturing, and caring

40+ min

e-Collective Learning  PROGRAM

> Welcome by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken (My personal journey on conscious sexuality and co-creativity)

> [LEARNING HOW TO LEARN] Online Collective Learning 101, House Rules

> [PLAY TIME]  Gamified training session

> [CONVERSATION] Topic of the day

> [COLLECTIVE CHALLENGE] Challenge of the week/month


The content facilitated varies each week

Topics for conversations, presentations, techniques, tools, and methods are facilitated according to the group process, and level of practice achieved by the collective

Below is a list of content that is planned to be facilitated (See house rules)

>[LEARNING HOW TO LEARN] conscious sexuality & co-creativity ( About the Matrix-Q Holistic Method, Knowledge, Tools, Skills, & Techniques)

> [INFORMATION] Point of view ( Monastic Practices vs House-Holders Practices - non-monastic)

> [CONVERSATION] Diversity, Fluidity & Inclusion

> [PRESENTATION] The 3, 9, 27, 81 & 729 Archetypes of gender identity, sexual lifestyles (preferences), love-relationships types, stages of love, and love-making skills

> [PLAY TIME] The Matrix-Q Cards, Board, and Role-play Games

> [CONVERSATION] Consent & The Art of Conscious Bonding

> [TECHNIQUE & HOME WORK] How to attract (or create) the kind of love partner you want ( you want to become)

> [INFORMATION] Quantum co-creativity: techniques, skills, methods, algorithms

> [INSPIRATION TO TRY OUT AT HOME] Self-Regeneration, Anti-Aging & Conscious Sexuality

> [TOOL] Navigating Fluidity, Change & Transition with Matrix-Q Tools & Knowledge

> [ EXPERIENCE ] Conscious breathing, body awareness & positive emotions (The Matrix-Q Breathe Method)

> [TOOL & HOMEWORK] Conscious Bonding with Nature Rhythms, Cycles, Shifts. Harnessing the Hormone Shifts

> [EXPLORE] The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy

> [CONVERSATION] Self-Knowledge & Spirituality in conscious sexuality and co-creativity

> [TO TRY OUT AT HOME] Meditative Love Making

> [CHALLENGE] The Ancient Houses of Knowledge: About reading books, knowledge, and history with the Matrix-Q Language

> [101 PRACTICE] Activating the 9 Primordial Magnetic Fluids or 9 Essential Practices of Love

> [TO TRY OUT AT HOME] Geometry, Sound, and Colour to enhance Love Making

> [TO TRY OUT AT HOME] The 9 Primordial Dances of Love, The 9 Stages of Love (Matrix-Q Performing Arts)

> [TO TRY OUT AT HOME] The 9 Primordial Waves of Conscious Sensory Massage

> [FOLLOW UP] The Matrix-Q Study Circle Online. Why Online?


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Facilitates holistic coaching and workshops on gender skills, gender identity, conscious sexuality, and co-creativity since 1993

Provides consultancy and training on gender skills, equality, diversity, and inclusion, to international non-profit organizations, leaders, and entrepreneurs since 2000

Developed a change management service for organizations based on natural rhythms, cycles, and gender skills

Author e-books, podcasts, and e-learning, several publications since 2007

Performer and producer: Conscious sexuality workshops and meditative multidisciplinary performing arts (body arts)

Founder of the Matrix-Q Co-creativity Projects: Study Circles

Contributed to a Dutch TV Documentary on Gender identity and fluidity