PRIMORDIAL LOVE is a unique blend & texture of LOVE, SELF-LOVE, GRATITUDE & JOY, a Celebration of Life, anchoring yourself (in self-marriage), healing your systemic past & future, listening to your genuine desires, bonding in co-creation with your lover(s), a unique personal growth journey.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Founder, Coach-Trainer

Matrix-Q SexEd Games

" I share my personal journey, experience, research, tools, knowledge, and joy with  our members " ~ LDMF

" My personal mission is to create a bridge for humanity, to connect its origin and its destiny, its potential and its daily life journey " ~ LDMF

  • What means LOVE? Which are the qualities and stages of LOVE? A question that can only be answered by experience.As you may taste for the first time a new type of coffee bean, chocolate blend, whisky, or work of art, a live performance, a forest filled with unique cedars, or a sight of the sun and its golden path on the waters at sunset or sunrise time.
  • I have since an early age, experienced LOVE of many qualities, in my dream state, in meditation, in dance and connection, in poetry and music, in sensual touch, or through the art of conscious sexuality, bonding, and family.
  • LOVE may be of romantic interpersonal nature, for some of the spiritual connection (soul) or of self-realization in union with the source of all that is within our own hearts. LOVE may be the strings, and texture of the thread of the quantumverse, its core pulsing nature.
  • LOVE is for you, now, a unique experience, search, longing, or exploration that leads to merging, as one, within ourselves, and with our beloved(s). The natural longing for UNION in-LOVE, the aspiration for the practice of conscious sexuality, the discovery of our truly unique and multiple identities, roles and qualities, our rhythms and cycles, the art of co-creation, communication, and holding space for each other, to enable once and again that quality of experience, your heart, soul, and body are looking for.
  • PRIMORDIAL LOVE & CO-CREATIVITY enables a change of perception for human sexuality and sensuality: interpersonal romantic relationships, conscious sexuality, leisure, lifestyle, sexuality education, parenting, children education, regeneration (anti-aging), mental health, quality of life, work-life balance, hormone cycles, change & transition, gender identity, diversity, equality, inclusion, non-polarity, non-binary, polynomial, resilience, connection, community building, teamwork, business development, performing arts, collective consciousness, holistic learning, wealth-ability, holistic-entrepreneurship, personal-growth, and spiritual self-realization.

Does any of the above resonate with your longing or interests?

  • Schedule time with us for Q&A, and Intake for the Primordial Love Membership. Receive information on how we tailor-made the membership program for you with information, workshops, coaching, training, games, and leisure activities, to bring you to the next level of experience in the practice of PRIMORDIAL LOVE & CO-CREATIVITY.
  • Along with the first session, we will do an assessment of your aspirations, priorities, and desires, match your DNA with content, and facilitate foundation training, with holistic coaching included. All our services are provided with special care for individual privacy (secrecy). We host a safe space online, outdoors, or in a workshop, for our members to choose from according to their preferences.

The 9 Pathways of Primordial Love

The membership includes a tailor-made program

Our members are invited to choose according to their preferences one or combine any of the pathways

Always included Primordial Love & Co-creativity (The creation of the Quality of Experience and Life you Prefer)

  • (9) Individual self or personal growth (purpose-driven)
  • (8) Being of service (as a facilitator, coach-trainer, consultant, or creator)
  • (7) Leisure, play: cultivating, & nurturing a positive mindset, sensuality & sexuality with positive emotions 
  • (6) Regeneration (anti-aging), Mental Health, Quality of Life, Work-Life Balance
  • (5) Navigating shifts, change & transition (Matrix-Q Mandala, relationships changes, gender identity and sexual preferences: non-binary, non-polarity, polynomial relationships and solo-gamy )
  • (4) Gender & Sexuality for Family, Resilience & Collaboration, TeamWork, and Community Building
  • (3) Gender & Sexuality in Business (Holistic Entrepreneurship, Diversity, Inclusion, Co-creativity) 
  • (2) Interpersonal Relationships & Bonding (Romantic, family, parenting, leisure, singles matching)
  • (1) Gender & Sexuality Holistic Knowledge (Ancient Cultures & Civilizations, Modern Science) 



The Primordial Love (SexEd: Sexed Games) Membership gives you exciting benefits

Membership programs are tailor-made and include the content, modules, services, and products you prefer (tailor-made)


What do you need to know?

  • How much time would you like to invest in your membership per week, month, or year
  • Which are your goals? The outcome you want of your membership
  • Which is your budget?


Each membership acknowledges for you a number of units of service/products (content, workshops, coaching sessions) you have purchased in advance.

  • You have total control over the units you have consumed/balanced (Wallet)
  • Utilize your units for any product and service you prefer*
  • Consume your units at your own pace
  • Change your mind, preferences, or priorities at any moment, choose a different program or product


  • The membership has validity for a number of days ** 81, 243, or 729 Days


  • To receive a membership you need to be invited
  • How do you receive an invitation? Please contact us, for an intake or interview. We would like to know you.

(*) All products and services are available for all our members, according to their level of training. In other words, you need to complete level 1 in order to access level 2, and so on.

(**) The validity of your membership defines also the period of time limit you have to consume the purchased units (wallet). After the validity ends there is no refund.  There is in general no refund after cancellation of service or quit notice.

We suggest you start first with a few units of membership, to explore our services, for your own comfort.