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The 9 Dances of Primordial Love

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The 9 Dances of Primordial Love 

Matrix-Q Conscious Sexuality & Co-creativity 101

  • The 9 Dances of Primordial Love 101 e-WORKSHOP

  • A step-by-step holistic program to cultivate, repair, enhance, and optimize our relationship with our own sexuality, gender identity, bonding (connecting with others), love relationships, and family.

  • A guide to developing our circular capacity to utilize our own sexuality for self-regeneration, self-knowledge (personal growth), and co-creativity (or realizing our dreams and visions). By empowering our life with joy, happiness, and co-creativity.


  • In the 1920s, 1960s, 1990s, and 2000s eastern monastic practices of meditative sexuality were introduced to the western world (based on detachment, with a focus on individualist personal growth and spirituality). The outcome we know today.
  • Our modern global civilization is still holding a blind spot in education. Considering that satisfactory, joyful, inspiring, and nurturing love relationships, enable balance, regeneration, and mental health for love partners.
  • Since 1997 I have been researching and exploring sexuality practices based on conscious bonding (conscious attachment) ideal for householders, families, parenting, and the community.
  • This type of knowledge, techniques, methods, and skills is new to the western world, and forgotten by the east, and southern hemispheres.
  • In a time when gender diversity, fluidity, and inclusion, challenge the binary and traditional binomial mindset.
  • The Matrix-Q Knowledge brings a new point of view, in which a safe setting is provided for personal growth, self-knowledge, and development of the skills necessary for a healthy, joyful, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships

For whom

  • Attendees may focus on developing their own Primordial-Love Capacity
  • As well we welcome solopreneurs, innovators, influencers, talents, coaches, trainers, mentors, therapists, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, or investors; that would like to invest themselves, their own time, resources, experience, and capital into the acquisition of Primordial Love Knowledge, Tools, Methods, Skills, and Technology (To later develop a spin-off or manage a product or act as ambassadors for Matrix-Q SexEd Products & Services, sexuality education, conscious sexuality, diversity, equality, non-polarity, and inclusion) [ Matrix-Q License, Label, Franchise system ]
  • Nonprofit organizations and community projects are as well welcome to request a special workshop
  • Special workshops for the family business, single parents, communities, and young entrepreneurs
  • School teachers learn new methodology, tools, techniques & materials to teach
  • Parents (or aspiring parents) aiming to learn about conscious sexuality, conscious conception, or sexuality education for their children
  • Coach-trainer that would like to specialize in SexEd Matrix-Q Method
  • HHRR to develop new approaches for diversity, inclusion, co-creativity, equality, non-polarity, consent, and prevention of discrimination in the organization
  • C-Level to develop capacity and skills for co-creativity, gender diversity, inclusion, and equality. Creation of a safe space for a gender-diverse organization.


  • The e-workshop is Interactive, Gamified, Informative, and Experiential
  • You will be introduced to the Matrix-Q Knowledge, and motivated to attend a study circle online.


  • You will learn essential practices, skills, games, and topics to explore at home privately with your love partner or on your own

Workshops (9+ Modules)

Please read carefully all the information in our webshop

There are 9+ modules of training

You are welcome to take 1, 3 or all of them

e-Workshop PROGRAM

Primordial-Love-Ability 101

  • 1x 160 min e-Workshop: The 9 Dances of Primordial Love (Mastering the Principles: Unleashed Capacity, Matrix-Q Holistic Quantum Primordial-Love-ability)
  • 1x Matrix-Q Primordial-Love-Ability Challenge (Assisted Project, Mentoring Included, 81 Days)
  • 1x 20 min Matrix-Q Primordial-Love-Ability Capacity Assessment (e-mail, audio conversation, coaching-training)
  • 1x 20 min Capacity Assessment Matrix-Q DNA (e-mail, audio conversation, coaching-training)
  • Trial Membership Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club 81 Days (Includes Matrix-Q Play, Webinars & Group Coaching)


We facilitate the workshops once every month. Please contact us to schedule. Read more below


Each module, e-workshop includes pragmatic program data-driven analysis, tools, techniques, methods, skills development, knowledge, cases, coaching, and mentoring

Each module includes a workshop, assessment, coaching, mentoring, new tools, methods, techniques, data, cases, knowledge, skills and information

At each module, attendees receive a wealth generation challenge

  • Primordial-Love-Ability 100 Introductory Webinar
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 101 The 9 Dances of Primordial Love
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 102 The 9 Enablers of Primordial Love
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 103 The 9+ Stages of Primordial Love (Self-regeneration Capacity)
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 104 Quantum Primordial-Love-Ability
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 105 Co-creative Primordial-Love-Ability Mandala
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 106 Collective Co-creative Primordial-Love-Ability Mandala
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 107 Matrix-Q Holistic Learning Methodology
  • Primordial-Love-Ability108 Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching Methodology
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 109 Matrix-Q Game Master / Challenge Facilitator
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 109+ Systemic Wealth-Generation
  • Primordial-Love-Ability 10T Self-Re-Generation Self-Mastery


Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Facilitates holistic coaching and workshops on gender skills, gender identity, conscious sexuality, and co-creativity since 1993

Provides consultancy and training on gender skills, equality, diversity, and inclusion, to international non-profit organizations, leaders, and entrepreneurs since 2000

Developed a change management service for organizations based on natural rhythms, cycles, and gender skills

Author e-books, podcasts, and e-learning, several publications since 2007

Performer and producer: Conscious sexuality workshops and meditative multidisciplinary performing arts (body arts)

Founder of the Matrix-Q Co-creativity Projects: Study Circles

Contributed to a Dutch TV Documentary on Gender identity and fluidity