SexEd Sexuality Education Challenge

A Challenge For:

  • Parents
  • School Teachers
  • Human Capital
  • Leaders
  • Coach-trainers
  • Entrepreneurs 


  • Entrepreneurs in the field of sexuality education, conscious sexuality, diversity, equality, non-polarity, and inclusion
  • School teachers that want to learn new methodology, tools, techniques & materials to teach sexuality education to teenagers
  • Parents (or aspiring parents) aiming to learn about conscious sexuality, conscious conception, or sexuality education for their children
  • Coach-trainer that would like to specialize in SexEd Matrix-Q Method 
  • HHRR to develop new approaches for diversity, inclusion, co-creativity, equality, non-polarity, consent, and prevention of discrimination in the organization
  • C-Level to develop capacity and skills for co-creativity, gender diversity, inclusion, and equality. Creation of a safe space for a gender-diverse organization.

The Challenge will be tailor-made according to the focus point of the participants: entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, or parents


  • The knowledge content of the challenge (techniques, tools, methods, coaching, and training programs) is based on the Matrix-Q Gender Knowledge (Matrix-Q Research Institute) general information available
  • Some of the topics may include one or more of the following: Conscious sexuality, consent, gender diversity, non-polarity, non-binary, inclusion, communication, regeneration (anti-aging), conscious conception, personal growth, archetypes of primordial love, the 729 dances of primordial love, human potential, co-creativity cycles, virtualization, education of youth and children (holistic methodology), holistic coaching, leisure training programs, holistic data-driven matching of an ideal love-partner, and others


  • It is a SOLO Challenge. Participants attend individual programs (tailor-made)
  • The challenge includes assessment sessions (Setting goals, milestones, and best practices, selection of ideal content matching the participant's aspirations or needs), coaching, training preparation for actual challenges
  • The challenge(s) will be designed according to the participant's capacity and goals.
  • Participants may choose the number, length and intensity of the challenge between 81 days, 243 days, or 729 days
  • The units of training, coaching, workouts, activities, and challenges vary accordingly 


  • e-Workshop Matrix-Q Mandala & Mastering the 9 qualities of Love: Unleashed Capacity
  • Capacity Assessment Matrix-Q DNA
  • Matrix-Q SexEd Sexuality Education Challenge
  • Conscious Sexuality Capacity Assessment
  • Holistic Data-driven Matching (The Ideal Love Partner)
  • Holistic Entrepreneurship - Sexuality Education 101 ( A number of Units of training - coaching: Sexuality Education Program)
  • Hands-on 03 hours length challenges: With only 03 hours/per week or 03 hours/per day activate, unleash, and evolve: The 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness & Joy for a healthy, joyful, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle


  • (Trial for 81 days and 243 days) Membership Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs Club  (Includes Matrix-Q Play, Workouts, Webinars & Group Coaching)
  • Certification (Units of training)
  • Matching DNA (The ideal love partner) Matrix-Q SexEd Mandala Program
  • Matrix-Q Workouts Training Units Included (a limited number of units, matching the membership level) for the practice of specific methods, techniques, and skills development (Brain GYM)
  • Gamified system: Rewards, points, and prizes included in the program,

For Entrepreneurs is also included

  • If eligible, after completing the challenge, a license as Matrix-Q SexEd facilitator/coach level 1
  • If eligible, after completing the challenge, a license to integrate Matrix-Q SexEd Products in your company
  • If eligible, after completing the challenge, a label sign of integration of Matrix-Q Holistic Entrepreneurship Knowledge in the company
  • Time-sensitive opportunities to generate wealth, by promoting/selling (Entrepreneurial opportunity) Matrix-Q SexEd Products