Sexed Games is a conscious sexuality education community.

We explore new knowledge and paths to cultivate and nurture a healthy, happy, and satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships.

Our digital (remote) and outdoors capacity learning programs provide holistic learning and gamified activities, to learn-play, enjoy-play, and sex-play.  


Secrecy & Security

Our members enjoy total privacy and secrecy

Their activities, interests, and desires are safeguarded by our encrypted security system and clearance procedures.


Unique personal sexual identity scan

We utilize an innovative data-driven methodology to measure, predict your capacity, performance and preferences.

Our sexual identity scan gives you and us clarity to tailor-made your learn-play, enjoy-play and sex-play activities


Gamified Activities: Learn-play, Enjoy-play & Sex-play

Our holistic learning methodology provides a complete exploration of your human and sexual identity potential, enabling a compound effect: acquisition of knowledge, skills, capacity. Ensuring a sustainable and long life enjoyment of a satisfactory sexual lifestyle and love relationships. 


13 Belts, 3 Learning Stages

You get all the fun you need since the first belt (level of learning). The more knowledge you acquire, the better you know yourself, the more advanced your skills, more refined the explorations and modalities for enjoyment, pleasure, and self-discovery.

Along with the capacity assessment program, the learn-play, enjoy-play, and sex-play activities will challenge you to stabilize your already acquired knowledge, explore your edges, and discover the next milestone of your journey.

Our members may quickly reach an advanced level of experience.

You decide the pace, depth, the complexity of your experiences.

A selected sequence of activities is planned for each customer according to careful matching of their unique sexual identity and lifestyle preferences.